We have many customers that purchase our reconditioned defibrillators to either have peace of mind or to comply with legislation, such as dentists, sports clubs and social clubs however the first sale of reconditioned defibrillators to a Taxi firm goes to EEZEE Taxi’s.

This innovative Taxi firm that already offer a wheelchair accessible service have invested to carry on board in two of their taxis life saving equipment to enable a service far beyond what is expected. Andy and Raf, the owners of the local, family friendly firm believes that carrying defibrillators will allow them to give back to the community if life saving equipment is needed.

I’m sure many people who choose to travel with EEZEE’s will be relieved to know that in the event of cardiac arrest (VF) having a defibrillator close by and used within a minute gives a person a 90% chance of survival. This decreases by approximately 10% every minute thereafter. Simon Francis from Trimbio, (Managing Director) is extremely pleased to be able to support a local business such as Andy and Raf's by providing accessible, affordable and safe defibrillators and training in the devices.

Due to the nature of the business being out in the community for extended periods of time this allows for an increased chance of those defibrillators saving people’s lives and making a difference. Simon states ‘It is fantastic to be able to support a business that actively cares about their staff and passengers.’

EEZEE’s Taxis considers no job to be too small, they specialise in airport, cruise terminal and executive travel. If you would like to know more or book please call 01444 702085 or visit their website

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