About Us



trimbio is based and operates from our purpose built Headquarters and Service Centre in Horsham, West Sussex. It is from here that our team of skilled and knowledgeable industry professionals manage our business operations throughout the UK using proven and established processes and procedures to ensure the very best experience and support for all of our customers. 

The Team:   


Trimbio was founded and is led by Simon Francis who has been a leading figure in the industry for many years having also previously launched highly successful businesses including SKF Services Ltd and Sim-Med Ltd.

 Following the acquisition of SKF Services by Patterson Medical, Simon successfully managed all of Patterson Medicals International business along with all of their French Operations in Toulouse and Charleville Mezieres.

Simon Francis
Trimbio’s service team is managed and led by John Bragg, who like Simon has an extensive career within the physiotherapy and rehabilitation market.

John has held management positions at SKF Services, Mobilis Healthcare and Patterson Medical and during that time has been trained to the highest levels including manufacturer training for Chattanooga, Enraf, Gymna Uniphy, Sim-Med and Tunturi.

John Bragg




 What we do:

trimbio specialises in Rehabilitation and Medical solutions and provides a complete range of products and services. This includes: 

  • A comprehensive range of new and reconditioned devices
  • Over 1000 consumable products 
  • Preventative maintenance visits
  • Service & repair to a wide range of devices
  • Asset management
  • Short or long term hire of devices all at competitive rates. 

 Why we do it:

trimbio recognises the need not only for great products and services but also high quality advice and support and provides the medical market with a new level of service and expertise.

Our team of professionals have over 50 years relevant experience within the physiotherapy and rehabilitation solution industries and are here to provide you with a dedicated focus on service and repair as well as the most comprehensive range of after sales service. Our goal is to be the quality and trusted bench mark against which all others are measured. 

 How we do it:

trimbio’s key business objectives and goals are to provide advice our customers' trust, service our customers' recommend and value that our customers' appreciate.

To support you with your device management we use the latest technologies to ensure fast and efficient levels of service including; asset management, tracked and managed devices and a device valuation system to support business planning and accounting.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Simon Francis

Managing Director