trimbio Brexit Preparations


Trimbio have been actively planning for Brexit to ensure we can continue to support our customers.

How could Brexit affect us?

From 1st January 2021 the UK is leaving the EU. This will unavoidably cause some changes to the way UK business import goods for sale. Some of these changes could include:


Price Increases
Costs of importing goods from Europe may increase, there may also be potentially be an increasie in duty causing some poridcts increase in price.
Delivery Timescales
Some items we supply do come from European manufacturers. Brexit may cause delivery times for some items to be longer.
Brexit could cause shortages of some items due to high demand, import restrictions and an increase of cost to import.

What are Trimbio doing to minimise impact?

We have taken some steps to hopefully mitigate any issues that could impact ourselves or our customers:


Increased Stock
To plan for higher demand of some items that are manufactured overseas we have increased our orders to ensure a healthy stock level of popular products.
Therefore we ask for our customer to please not stock pile as this may counteract these measures.
Evaluating Suppliers
We have carefully considered all of our suppliers to ensure we purchase only from those that enable us to continue to give our customers the best service. To ensure we can minimise disruption to our supply of goods to you, whilst keeping our products at the best price possible.
Keeping Pricing Fair
Trimbio believe in supplying our products at a fair price despite what is going on in the world. When Covid hit we adjusted our prices to reflect our own costs, reducing prices as soon as the market allowed. With Brexit there may be some possible price increases, please be assured we will continue to monitor the situation and will know more nearer the time.