Treatment Couch Service, Repair and Reupholstery

trimbio offer service and repair to a wide range of treatment couches, you may not have realised, but treatment couches/plinths need to be serviced at least once a year.

Why you may ask?

They must comply with PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) requiring them to be safe for use, maintained in a safe condition and inspected to ensure they are correctly installed and do not subsequently deteriorate.

They are classified as a Medical Device and therefore fall under the Medical Devices Directive requiring regular servicing.

They should meet Infection Control standards - The upholstery should be intact and free from cuts or repairs that could harbour bugs.

Your public liability insurance will stipulate that all devices including treatment tables are inspected regularly, otherwise your policy could be invalid.

trimbio offer onsite service & repair, including an 18 point checklist for couches. 

We also offer a tailor-made service to bring your old treatment couches back to life. We can either visit and install or simply supply new tops (board, foam & upholstery) for your couches.


We use 15mm thick board which ensures that new tops are extra strong and sturdy for all types of treatments, along with 1.5" foam which gives a comfortable but firm surface for your patients, all finished off with high quality upholstery. Our vinyl inhibits MRSA (3352 Methicillin resistant to Staphylococcus Aurous), and are Bio-Pruf treated to resist the growth of mould, mildew and odour causing microbes. The vinyl is also fire retardant to CRIB 5.

They have been tested and are capable of withstanding the most rigorous cleaning regime. Our Vinyl can be used with all NHS approved cleaning solutions such as Chlor-Clean, Haz-Tab, Milton and Tristel. Clinell wipes. The fabrics are resistant to most mild acids, alkalis and household stains. Some substances such as ballpoint pen, lipstick, newsprint and food colourings may be absorbed by the vinyl and cause permanent staining. This can be minimised by immediate cleaning with a damp soapy cloth or sponge.

Technical Specification

  • Thickness (mm) - 1.05 +/- 0.10
  • Total Mass (g/m2) - 570 +/- 50 Standard Used: EN ISO 2286-2
  • Fabric Mass (g/m²) - 65 +/-10 - Standard Used: EN ISO 2286-2
  • Breaking Load (daN/50mm) - Along = 30, Across = 15, Standard used: EN ISO 1421
  • Breaking Extension (%) - Along = 30, Across = 200, Standard used: EN ISO 1421
  • Tear Strength (daN) -Along = 1.5, Across = 1.5, Standard used: EN ISO 4674-1
  • Coating Adhesion (dsN/50mm) - Min. 3.0, Standard used: EN ISO 2411
  • Fire Retardant Level - CRIB5
  • UV Resistance - Tested individually in an accelerated weather chamber, giving minimum of 6 on the blue scale
  • Martindale Abrasion Test - 120,000 cycles minimum

Special Finishes

  • Staphylococcus aureus MRSA - Standard used: AATC 147:2004 with result of: Growth - None, halo in mm -2, Evaluation - Good
  • Penicillium funiculosum ATCC 36839 - Standard used: SAN BIO -12/94 with result of: Growth – None, halo in mm - 1, Evaluation - Good.


Our standard colours are: Dark Blue, Black, Sky Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey & Beige with Red and Royal Blue available subject to surcharge.

We offer a range of Upholstery which we can supply for you to fit (click here for current stock) or we can supply & fit if required.

Call today to discuss your requirements: 01403 597 597. 



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