Advanced Therapy System with Vacuum Module on Cart Storage System

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This unit consists of no less than: dual frequency ultrasound with contact control, 12 electrotherapy currents including Interferential, sEMG (surface EMG), sEMG with Muscle Stimulation, Vacuum Module, colour Anatomical library, Pathological library, Clinical Protocols and much more....all mounted on a 6 drawer mobile storage system. The Cart offer a very small foot print and is ideal to ensure you do not take up valuable space with this top of the range unit.

25 clinical waveforms

2 independent electrotherapy channels

High resolution colour or monochrome display

Over 200 Clinical Protocols

Over 100 User-defined protocol slots

Over 10 Quick-link Indications for quick parameter retrieval

Impressive clinical library which includes graphic anatomical and pathological libraries on vibrant LCD screen

Constant current/constant voltage modes

Optional Surface EMG and EMG plus stim

Documentation of treatment outcomes with Patient Data Cards

Sequencing to direct a designated therapeutic course without having to modify the unit


1 & 3 Mhz ultrasound frequencies Pulsed & Continuous Modes (10%, 20%, 50% & 100%)

Variable duty cycles (16 Hz, 48 Hz & 100 Hz)

BNR <6:1

Sound head coupling features with both visual & audio feedback

Head warming option on sound heads for patient comfort

2 year warranty (probes and accessories 1 year)

Electrotherapy Currents:  Interferential -Four Pole, Manual Vector Scan & Two Pole (Premodulated) Russian - Continuous & Cycle Timed Galvanic - Continuous & Medium Frequency Interrupted Monophasic - Continuous, Cycle Timed, Rectangular Pulsed, Triangular Pulsed & Surged TENS - Asymmetrical Biphasic, Symmetrical Biphasic, Alternating Rectangular & Monophasic Rectangular Iontophoresis VMS - Continuous, Cycle timed & Burst Diadynamic - MF, DF, CP, LP, CP-ISO, CP-ID, MF+CP, MF+CP-ID, DF+LP & DF+CP High Voltage Pulsed Current Microcurrent Trabert / Ultra Reiz Surged / Faradic - Rectangular & Triangular S/D Curve

Vacuum Module:  a two-channel device that connects directly to the Intelect Advanced Unit. The Vacuum Module is positioned perfectly inside the Therapy System Cart. The Vacuum Module’s use is complementary to the standard rubber electrodes and is an alternative to the self-adhesive type of electrodes. Each of the four vacuum electrodes function independently and effectively remain attached to the skin of the patient one by one.

The Vacuum Electrode Module is supplied with Vacuum electrode cups, Vacuum sponges, Vacuum lead wires.


Standard Accessories:  Data Cards (5x),  5cm2 Applicator,  Nylatex Wrap,  6 x 8 cm carbon electrodes (4x), 6 x 8 cm sponges (4x),  DuraStick 3 cm Round Electrodes (4x), Ultrasound Gel, User manual on cd.

More Information

 Electrical Safety Class: Class I, Electrotherapy Type BF, Ultrasound Type B Safety Tests: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-2-10, IEC 60601-2-5 (combination units)


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NOTE: This unit is shipped with the cart and device seperated, simple assembly will be required to mount the device onto the cart by the customer.

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