Cardiac Science G3 Semi Automatic with Battery (65%) & 1 NEW Pack of Electrodes

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Powerheart G3 AED Defib supplied with battery (65% - remaining manufacture date 31 / 10 / 2014), 1 NEW pack of electrodes (Use by 03 / 2021), Set up to the Resuscitation Council (UK) guildlines 2015.
Please note the CPR PREP Kit is an Optional Accessory.
Please note the Carry Case is an Optional Accessory.
Operating Manual Can Be Found In Electronic Form(PDF) In Documents Section.
Fully tested (including output tested) and passes all self-tests.

Device comes with 1 year Warranty(**Excluding Battery**).

These Cardiac Science defibrillators deliver simple, clear and instructive voice prompts and also feature a text display for use in noisy environments or by rescuers who are hearing impaired.

Cardiac Science AED pads are not side-specific so there is no confusion in an emergency situation as to which side of the body each pad needs to be placed.

G3 AED Defib - Features

  • Rescue Ready defibrillator technology self-tests all main components (battery, hardware, software, and pads) daily. Powerheart Automatic and Semi-Automatic Defibrillators complete a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics weekly, and a full charge monthly.
  • Calculates electrical impedance and if subsequent shocks are necessary, our proprietary STAR biphasic technology escalates the energy to deliver therapy at an appropriate, higher level.

G3 AED Defib - Benefits

  • Reliability. Both Cardiac Science Powerheart automatic and semi-automatic defibrillators are Rescue Ready when needed.
  • Simplicity. Almost anyone can use these defibrillators.
  • Reassuring. The AED Defib knows when to (and when not to) deliver the defibrillation shock so users don't have to worry about "doing it right."
  • Comprehensive. The text screen is helpful in noisy and chaotic environments.
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Product Dimensions (L)32cm x (W)27cm x (H)9cm
Net Weight 3.130kg
Country of Manufacture United States
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